Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We made it....

Just a quick note I will have to tell you all some stories tonight. That was a long fight. 8 hours to Lima Peru and another 3 to Santiago Chile....

We are here now. Actually in the airport waiting for the rest of everyone to make it through.

I am actually having flashbacks though, getting on the plane in the very beginning I was looking around expecting to see other missionaries on their way to Los Angles and then on to Chile. I didn't see anyone of course.

I remember when I got on the plane and a woman got and say the 5 or 6 missionaires who were all onboard and she said well at least we know we aren't going down... :)

I laughed. No missionaries this time but still a safe trip.

When we went through customs it was worse, as far as flash backs go, but it was a thousand times faster than when we made it to Brazil. I remember getting of the plain and thinking that we were going to be lost for sure. None of us spoke the language and all we had were the instructions from the church. We all had way too much luggage and no way to carry it all. They all looked like little trains as we pulled them down.

The part that reminded me the most of Brazil was when we walked out and we looked like lost puppy dogs. A man from the MTC who we could not have recognized said. Hey Elders and we went with him. To this day I am not sure if we would have ever questioned whether he was who we needed to talk. Man what a wake up call.

Well I will have to let you all know how my fist day goes.

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